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Sametime BOTs combine the advantages of Sametime's awareness and real-time collaboration features to provide an interactive, text-based interface to a back-end data source such as a database or Web page. BOTs perform specific tasks such as locating information you request, reminding you when an event is approaching, and finding mutually available meeting times in users' calendars. IVision is specialized in developing customized enterprise sametime BOTs.

We have expertise in developing following Sametime BOTs

Lotus Notes Domino Application Development  Calendar, which searches the calendars of specified person to find a mutually available meeting time

Lotus Notes Domino Application Development  Dictionary, which looks up requested words in an online dictionary

Lotus Notes Domino Application Development  Help, which allows users to search across multiple online help systems

Lotus Notes Domino Application Development  RemindMe, which notifies users when a time/calendar event occurs (for example an upcoming meeting or vacation)

Lotus Notes Domino Application Development  Stockquote, which retrieves price data from any online stock market ticker

Lotus Notes Domino Application Development  PhoneNumberSearch, which searches a person phone number with in your organization or with in specified location.

Lotus Notes Domino Application Development  Offline message delivery

Lotus Notes Domino Application Development  Capturing and storing online conversations

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